Plz Help! Wavy line issue on new boss laser

Wondering if anyone has some troubleshooting ideas with this issue I am having. I will try and lay out my setup and what I have tried so far. If I am missing anything, please let me know so I can add it.


Boss Laser HP 5598

Tried cut speeds ranging from 10mm/s to 350mm/s, same result.

Tried reducing acceleration in X and Y from 2000 to 200mm/s2 and 3000 to 300mm/s2, same result.

Motion Parameter Settings image attached along with the issue in question.

Belt tension:

Both Y axis belts seem extremely tight. X axis belt seems looser compared to Y axis but still decently tight. - Wasn’t going to try and tighten unless yall think that may be my problem?

Hold the head and try and wiggle it, there should be no movement, if your belts are tight and you have low Accel I would assume it’s head movement

The oscillation appears along the X axes in the Y direction.

If it’s moving in the red direction, stops, makes a left and ‘vibrates’ or ‘resonates’. It’s at every ‘corner’… assuming the direction is correct. The resonance appears to occur in the Y direction.

Screenshot from 2022-03-19 18-19-09

Since you are suspicious and hearing the description, so am I about this…

Belts can be too ‘tight’ or ‘loose’, as you pointed out. These are just ‘timing’ belts used ‘off purpose’ the stretch, but very little, virtually undetectable one snug. I’d try to back off the tension, you have the test code…

I never thought about what happens if the two belts torque up the motor/shaft between them, then add a ‘tight’ belt, it might act like a spring… just speculating…

Good luck.


I’m very curious about the solution, if any, that was found to this as I have experienced similar issues.

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