Points supported?

Hi, I’m making the switch from RDWorks to Lightburn. One thing I’m missing though (It might be me) is the absence of point support from dxf imports. In RDWorks it is possible to import both vectors and point information, and use the PEN option to mark the points with a given amount of ms.

Is this possible in LB? Or might it be in the near future? - Thanks!

It isn’t possible at the moment, but it’s something I’m considering. You are only the second person to bring it up, but both times were this week.

Thanks for considering! I’m using this feature quite a lot, so it would be awesome to have it in LightBurn as well.

Out of interest Erwin, what do you use this feature for?



I use it for things like this stippling technique, inspired by tattoo art etc. The dots in these images are self-arranged in a dynamic process, where cells grow or shrink in size according the grey tone at a given point. It’s a different effect than the standard dithering method, and it can’t be done using interval scanning.

I also use it to quickly mark (very) small dotted part numbers, lcd style.

Interesting technique, not seen that before. Thanks for sharing.



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