Polish letter ń

Hello. Is there an option to change shortcuts in the program? When typing the polish letter “ń”, when writing the text with the Alt + n shortcut, the “Project notes” window appears. It is a pain. Or maybe an option to disable shortcuts? Thanks for any advice.


There isn’t a way to disable or alter them at this time. We’re aware of the issue with the shortcut in Polish, so I might remove that shortcut from the Polish language package and re-upload it. It will take a day or two.

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you could type what you want in Notepad, then cut and paste it into Lightburn.
or try the extended ascii ALT codes, but clipboard is easier.

CadJoe - I can also make a drawing in Corel and import it to lightburn or ruida. With one or two letters, you can copy anyway, but when writing a long text, it doesn’t make sense.
Lightburn Oz - Thanks for the info. I will be waiting for any info. I will also pass it on to the polish forum group.

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