Polished stainless steel engraving

Can someone please help me?

I need to know which settings are suggested to use on engraving polished stainless steel?
I have a 20w laser engraver.
I tried 25% speed
100% power
4 passes
0.010 interval.
And did not have a single scratch:/

You have to use a metal marking spray for it to work…
be prepared, It’s a bit expensive.

What kind of laser is it? What kind of controller do you have?

You can not mark metal with a CO2 laser (and certainly not under say 150W) unless you use a chemical agent such as Cermark spray (as mentioned by @regatta73). It tends to cost around $150 for one spray can, but that will last a while. The results with it are very good. See my Insta below


Alternatively if you are at the hobby end of things, I have seen people get black marking results simply using Sharpie marker.

…but the laser alone will not affect stainless, in fact shooting your CO2 laser at stainless can on occasion break your laser through reflected radiation back into your tube.

Ok, thanks! Are my settings right though? My interval in particular?

Setting right for what? Your settings are fine for marking, say, some plywood. You can’t mark steel with a tiny 20W laser diode. Your settings aren’t relevant and it isn’t your setting but physics that is stopping you marking the steal. You will not mark steal or any other non-anodised metal unless you use a chemical spray or similar like Cermark. I will admit I’ve not tried Cermark with a diode laser engraver either. I should try it.

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