Poor image quality on aluminum?

I’m trying to figure out why i have lines in my engraved business cards. I’ve only used this for a few days so any help would be appreciated. Do I need to adjust over scanning or line interval? I had it set to 45deg scan angle and that was worse.

Imo, it looks like your line interval is a little small and you are going over the same patch more than once. Think of it like this - Draw a line with a pencil thats 1mm thick, then draw another line next to it but only 0.25mm away, you are hitting the same line again and filling in details that were previously ok.

Also check focus.

1000mm/min…thats 16.6mm/s wow thats seriously slow for scanning, and 50% power? hard to comment on this without knowing your laser specs.

I have 100w laser and would use
Interval 0.13
Power 15%
Speed 250mm/second

you are only burning off the black paint, CO2 laser will not burn into the Aluminium

ortur diode laser lu2-4 20 watt short focus. I’m just trying to burn off coating on the aluminum. I know I can’t etch aluminum.

I see you have a high backlash, so do tests and clean up your backlash.

Your line interval is about right. But you may want finer engraving here. A CO2 laser with a common 2" lens is limited to a minimum spot size of around 0.1mm. You can get finer lines with a shorter lens, people use 1.5" and 1" lenses on aluminum for this reason.

There are two drawbacks here. A shorter lens with a smaller focal point and reduced line interval means we are taking more passes per linear mm of work, so it takes proportionately longer to run. Second, shorter lenses are very short depth of field- they go out of focus at a very short distance from the ideal focal point. The material must be very flat and level and focused carefully. This becomes more difficult with larger etchings.

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