Poor wifi in garage, can I transfer update from a thumb drive?

I get poor wifi in my garage, too far from house. Is it possible to download to a thumb drive and transfer to my computer in the garage?

Do you mean an update for LightBurn? Yes, this should work. However, unless you’re using the offline activation you would typically need to connect to the activation server at least once a month.

How do I get the update for Lightburn to put it on my thumb drive?

The latest is always available from the main LightBurn site:
Download / Trial – LightBurn Software

Note that the Trial is the same software as the full license.

If you want any other version you can get from this site:
Releases · LightBurnSoftware/deployment (github.com)

A work around, use a Power Line extender. Forget WiFi extenders as they often have poor range for thr $$$$ they charge.

I am 40 M away and inside a big shed. A simple powline unit and it has a sender and receiver. Puts Ethernet down the power line ( most homes only run a single phase, so usually no issues).

Thus at the receiver you get full 2.4 and 5 WiFi and at least one or more hard network connections.

Has been the best since I started running multiple PC’s and 3D and Laser printers…

I appreciate the info, so you are saying that it isn’t easy to just download the update on a drive in the house and then transfer it to my computer in the garage?

I’m saying the opposite. It’s trivial to download the update, put it to a thumb drive, and install it on the computer in the garage.

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