Port fail to open message

Hoping I can find some help here.
The laser I am having difficulty with is a Wainlux L6 Pro. I didn’t find a sub category for my machine.
I put it together on March 6th and got it working just fine with lightburn. I was able to both cut and engrave without any difficulty.
I didn’t use it for a week or so and yesterday when I went back to use it (no changes in the meantime) .and it now isn’t working. The machine powers on, shows as ready in lightburn but doesn’t respond.
When it powers on it goes to the front left as before, but now it bangs into the corner and makes noise then stops, then goes to the back left and stops which it never did before. After that the laser does not respond.

I have this message in the console:

Waiting for connection…

Port failed to open - already in use?

Waiting for connection…

g�ets Jun 8 2016 00:22:57


configsip: 0, SPIWP:0xee


mode:DIO, clock div:1




entry 0x400805e4

Project loaded in 51 milliseconds

Waiting for connection…

After trying to figure this out for a while I went back to the manual and followed directions to reinstall the driver and firmware and deleted and added back the laser to lightburn and am still getting nowhere.
I am a hobby user and have been successful using an Ortur laser in the past.

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