Port failed to open already in use

I have just got a new Creality Falcon 2 and am getting port failed to open errors. I have imported the crealiyty .lbdev file and a terminal lsusb shows me an espressif device when the laser is on. I have tried powering everything off and then restarting in both orders pc then laser and vice versa but nothing changes the behaviour. I know my pc is seeing the devices as if I unplug or power off the device the port disappears from the lsusb output and the port dissapears from the options in the gui. I am running Manjaro and the latest version of lightburn freshly installed today. The Falcon 2 does have a slow pulsing green light which indicates it has not found a gcode file on the sd card but I also get the same issue without the sd car in the machine. Does anybody know what terminal commands I could enter in the console windows to troubleshoot this issue. Small inconvenience the computer is in an off-line shed and I need to keep running back and forth to try things. I used to occasisonally get this behaviour with my Ortur laser and power cycling everything seemed to sort it out but it’s not working with this one. Is there perhaps some start-up and end gcode needed by Lightburn.

Even though my user was correctly in both tyy and dialout groups I found running : sudo chmod 666 /dev/ttyACM0 resolved the issue.
Will add a udev rules file to make it permanent perhaps.

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