Position Laser Head and Job

Quick question. I first move my laser head to the center of the page. Then i move my design to the center of the page. Now if i hit frame, the frame is traced in a different position. I am set to absolute coordinates. Even if i set coordinates to current position it does the same thing. How do i correct this

When you set start from to absolute coordinates, you don’t have a job origin… wherever the artwork is on your workspace will be where it will be placed.

I use user origin most of the time. On the Ruida, I have to press origin on the console, with the grbl I have to that within Lightburn in the move window.


If you are missing the move tab, enable it in the Window drop down.

I think current position should work, at least from your description.

Might want to review this

Good luck


I think i figured it out. I had left Enable Rotary on. Now if i set absolute position, and put the design on the center of the page, and click frame it goes to the right place where the design is.
Thanks for your help

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