Positioning laser head to a shape location on canvas

is it possible to lock the laser head to a selected shape for moving it around for placing it on a free spot on the material about to be cut?

Your question is a little confusing. But probably not.

What are you trying to do? What do you mean, ‘lock the laser head to a selected shape’? Like you have an octagon, and you don’t want the laser head to move outside of that area? What’s the purpose or end result?

l mean to move the shape around and for the laser head to follow it in real time or when i let go of the mouse. i am looking at my laser bed through a camera and i want to place my shape on a free spot on my material.

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No, but you can position the laser head and then move the shape to the laser position with the option for that:

The part of the object that will be moved to the current laser position depends on which point you have clicked here:

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Framing the shape might be a good option too. Check ‘Cut selected graphics’ and hit the frame button with a circle, with the shape selected.

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Will do, Thanks guys

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