Positioning Layout

Hey Guys,

does anyone have a Vector (at best as svg) which is a Layout for me to engrave it on my underground to always have a straight or correct position?

I’ve seen some videos people already engraved their underground with dots or lines to have an easier positioning.

If some of you guys have something for me, please upload it so i can use it, and maybe others too.


One thing I’ve found useful, instead of trying to line up on a grid is to place a sheet of 1mm chipboard, somewhat larger than your workpiece, on the waste board. Use painter’s tape to hold it in position. Then, in your Lightburn frame, draw a shape around your workpiece stock. Set this to a separate layer to cut, set all the other layers to no output and cut the shape.

Then remove the cutout, keeping the frame of the chipboard in place as a holder for your workpiece, and change the layers back to output with the frame layer to no output. This works really well in holding your workpiece in position and is ALWAYS aligned.

There is 2 colours there specifically for tool usage, I’d add to your comment to do any construction lines in these just to minimise risk of accidental cuts!