Positioning Materials

Has anyone got any tip or tricks to placing the material for etching, burning, cutting, etc. in relation to the on-screen images?

there is good documentation on “job origin” in the DOCS tab at the top of the page but for single piece jobs I like to use “start from current position” selected in the laser window, and i use a “centre” job origin. once that is set up I place the piece in the table square with the grid line burned into the table and centre the piece using the fire laser button, the laser will be in the middle of your image (see the green dot). you could also create a template. the info documents explain how to do that and also explain “user origin” to align your templates with your machine and save the settings.

I build jigs that are keyed to the table… The outline (tool layer) is in Lightburn and I can place the item where I want it in the tool layer… You can do this with absolute coordinates or once setup, user origin.



that is awesum!!

I am still learning and getting all these terms and things embedded into my brain. I have only started “playing” with my laser this weekend. So far, I have totally fried my brain cells with all the different stuff that I can and want to do. I really appreciate the advice and it certainly helps me get motivated.

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absolutely. i was where you are a few months ago. complete180 trade change.

there are some very bright people here that have been very helpful in my quest to conquer laser work. read as much as you can and ask questions. someone will answer.

I just cut a piece of 5mm plywood the size of my CNC bed and engraved a grid with half inch square grid spacing with an accurate ruler on the x and y axis where the laser at the home X0,Y0 is at 0,0 on my grid so it matches the onscreen display turn the laser fire button on at .02% Power and use the Move to Position buttons to check my project alignment.

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I love to see the different ways people leverage jigs and work-piece holders.

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