Positioning on a round disk to create a circle

I have a 15" round wooden disk and I would like to create a 13" circle concentric to the outside diameter.
how would I position this. I am going to pencil a dot in the center of the disk.

Create a jig.

Figure out the kerf needed to fit the 15" disk inside snug but not loose so it stays centered.

If the jig is correct you can put a dot in the center (of lightburn) to place the laser position and also be able to figure out where the concentric circle would be.

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Also, I recommend in your design that you use a tool layer to frame your work (if you base your job origin on your selection).

If you use machine coordinates, a frame isn’t as important.

I personally never use machine coordinates because I generally use the work space for duplicates, test changes, alternative designs, etc.

The frame allows for you to maintain a fixed working area. This is helpful for many reasons (I am out of time to elaborate right now sorry).

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