Possible bug found in 1.5.01

I get this error when checking for updates.


There may have been a hiccup when attempting to communicate with the repository (GitHub server) during that request. Not usual, but can happen on very rare occasions. Please try again and let us know how you progress. :slight_smile:

I’m getting same error, same version, just installed.
btw- another “change” that got dragged into this patch seems to be MS C++ lib update, I don’t recall having installed anything since last installing LB v1.5 ga yesterday.

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I’m experiencing the same running Win11. Noticed it yesterday after installing 1.5.01, it is still showing today.

I get that every now and then when a new release or fix is put out. Could be an overload from everyone trying to get the update.

I can reproduce this on Win11.

I confirmed that reinstalling 1.5.00 does not show the same problem.
Seems specific to 1.5.01.

This doesn’t seem related to the C++ runtime installation either as the behavior is the same whether or not the specific runtime is installed.

I having the same issue, then after I close it out and try again it just sits there saying it’s checking for updates and it won’t update to show the latest version. After I close it and try again the cycle repeats, first try is TLS initialization failed second try is checking for updates.

Additional accounts of this behavior have been presented and confirmed. Further investigation ongoing. I will generate a report. Thanks, everyone. I will update here as we learn more. :slight_smile:

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I can confirm the same behavior. I observed a File Size change on the LightBurn installer, 69,978KB at Midnight Pacific and 79,849 KB shortly after Noon Pacific.

I concur… This was new.

I concur… It’s still there.
2024-02-08 TLS initialization Failed

Thank you for this further confirmation @JohnJohn. :slight_smile: @adammhaile has been able to repo and is digging in. Updates to follow…

Having the same errors. CNC follows path, but no laser burn.

As in, more than one error? This post is specifically discussing a communication issue with our version repository servers. Is that what you are referring to?

If not, when having an issue, it is best to start a new thread and provide as much detail as possible to help us ‘see’ what you are observing. If you are not experiencing the TLS communication error, I can move this for you.

I am getting the error “A network error: TLS Initialization failed”
and Microsoft Visual C++ screen

Question though… Would these error stop my laser from firing?

Very unlikely, as this is a network connection error message presented when the running version of LightBurn cannot connect to or communicate with our version repository to check for updates.

We are working to resolve and will provide additional information once available.

It appears there was a missing dependency that caused this communication issue, which has been resolved. Please download from here and install anew.


I can confirm that the latest download resolves the Check for Updates issue on Win11.

fixed the issue.

Just now did the suggested fix in the above link provided. Still same problem

“A network error: TLS Initialization failed”

Did you download the latest version from the Lightburn site? Redownload a fresh copy.

12th Feb afternoon, installed 1.5.01, no error,
thanks to the devs, quick work.
Would it have been worth going to ver 1.5.02
to signify the bug fix ?