Possible motherboard upgrade

So I believe the motherboard on my Ortur Laser Master 2 is starting to go bad due to the laser not shutting off during rapid moves. I’ve looked around quite a bit for a replacement for my machine but it seems VERY hard to find my exact motherboard, the only place that had it took my money and never sent the product… I’m wondering if it is possible to just upgrade my machine to the newest motherboard? Would the two be compatable basically plug and play? Or would I have to change all the wiring and grbl settings too? Any information would be helpful because right now I have a dead machine.

Someone like @OrturTech could probably give you good advice. He’s the rep, but has fixed and corrected many things for users… Maybe he’ll hear my call :slight_smile:


i would think first of all would be important to diagnose correctly the problem, by your description seems more of a wiring issue.
Upgrade path is possible, not sure if it makes much sense
Would recomend Ortur Customer Support – Ortur Support Ticketing System ticket so we can do a full diagnostic, then you can decide from there knowing whats wrong or what isnt.

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I’ll give customer support a shot first but i dont think its the wiring. it has worked for the last year and a half that i’ve had it and now all of a sudden the laser wont shut off during whitespace scans or rapid moves.

thank you for your reply

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