Posssible need for windows extension

Atomstack a5
Windows 10

Is there an extension i need to run for these?

What is an extension?

Does Lightburn connect to your machine?


LB does connect. I do the frame and it shows the correct area, but when it hit start I get the out of bounds warning

This is because the way you have the artwork, start from, job origin and possibly the speed, causing the machine to be driven out of bounds…

Suggest you go over the Lightburn grbl setup and ensure you’re set up correctly… Then do a double check on their documentation on the job origin and coordinate system

That should clarify some of what’s happening…

If you continue to have issues, sing out…

Good luck


Most of that was greek to me. I did what I understood. Still did not resolve it.
I think I am gonna give up and just take it home, where it works just fine, was trying to use it at my friends house and that is only thing that has changed. That and i HATE PC computers. I have a imac at home

Ditto, as far as windows… I have a pc but use Linux Ubuntu…


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