Power and Speed parameters in Preview

If I run a preview in the lightburn software.
Is it possible to show the current power% and speed?

No, not at this time. Your power and speed values should be pretty clearly visible on your shapes. What is it that you hope to see with this?

If you give min and max power I like to see when it goes to the min and when to the max. and if this goes at ones or in steps.
And when it makes a sharp corner, at what point does it low down and speeds up.

This to analyze why we have sometimes burnt dots in the corners of our products.
when we lower the min power, its is not going through in the corners.

So maybe seeing the current power and current speed parameters in the preview would be nice.

Kind regards peter.

There is absolutely no way for me to show this accurately, as it is handled entirely in your controller, and is dependent on the various settings in the controller for maximum speeds, accelerations, etc. Ruida handles this all internally, and I do not have access to the code they use, so I could feasibly get you close, but never exact.

Oké onderstand.

I was assuming that lichtburn generates the exact values of the speed and power. But as I read, the ruida controller does this.
That’s probably why we sometimes have different result on different machines whit the same files.

I will compare the acceleration and max speeds of those machines.

Thanks oz, keep up the good work :+1:t3::+1:t3:

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