Power and Speed setting change when file loaded to another PC - Why?

I develop the file on one PC connected to my CO2 laser and when I load the file to my Diode laser PC the Speed and power settings are changing. Is there anyway to keep the setting in the file so they don’t get changed at load time? I’d like the settings for speed/power to stay as I set them for the target system.

Maybe your PC connected to your CO2 is in mm/s and the one connected to the diode is in mm/m?
You could export your diode/PC diode definitions to your CO2/PC.

That might be it, but my question is “Is Lightburn making the adjustments automatically for both speed and power”?, Speed I don’t mind but changing power means I need to write settings down if I’m moving the file from system to system.

Is the diode the same output power as the co2?


Do this to make them both the same:

Then you can select the same device on both machines and the design (should) come out the same way.

JK, no the diode laser is only 10 watts vs 80 watts for my CO2, but I was setting power and speed as it if was for the diode, the file keeps the settings until I move it to my other copy of LB on the PC connected to the diode and when I load the file speed and power setting are all changed, I was hoping it would read the settings in the file. I will try Ed’s link and see if that helps. Thanks everyone for the responses.

Don´t forget to check your Lightburn units of measure.

Layer settings ARE saved to the file and loaded on startup (is there an option to turn it off in file settings? I don’t remember). I use it this way all the time. So it’s most likely that you are using different units and LB does the automatic conversion for you, as the others stated.