Power bug when doing batches with BJJCZ controler on Raycus 30w RFL-P30QS

On a Monport 30W fiber galvo laser, using a BJJCZ controller driving a Raycus 30W RFL-P30QS, when doing batches or multiple passes, the power will drop down low, say from 85 to 20-30% for instance. The only way I have found to fix the issue is to either, reset the laser, stop and adjust the power setting by a point or so and start again, or load the laser profile and close it. I feel it may be a software issue, or driver issue for Lightburn. This does not happen when using EZcad2. Are there any solutions or workarounds for this issue?

This should probably go to support… Hopefully @JohnJohn can advise on the best way to document this for the development people…

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Thank you for reporting this. We’ll attempt to replicate the behavior here.

Which operating system are you running on your Toshiba Laptop and what’s the version number on the top left corner of your LightBurn screen?

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Thanks for the response. On the Toshiba laptop I am running Windows 10 Pro, OS build 19045.3086, and Lightburn version 1.4.00

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Perfect, Thanks!
One other thing for clarification and context…

Say 85% power and typically how far time-wise into the engraving?

It varies, but I would say less than 10 passes typically.

Pushed to Dev channel. Thanks again for reporting and for the thorough OS information. It’s greatly appreciated.

When you first set up your device in LightBurn, did you import the markcfg7 file from your EZCad folder? If not, your Device Settings in LightBurn are likely incorrect, and could be causing the reduction in power output.

If you click ‘Devices’ in the ‘Laser’ window, then double-click your existing device profile, you’ll be able to re-do the device creation process and import the markcfg7 file now. We’ve got instructions on importing the file here:

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