Power Conversion Chart / Speed Conversion?

I have noticed a lot of material vendors put recommended power and speeds in percentages.

I would assume they are posting what a Glowforge or a K40 can do, but there are capability variables in the K40.

Power conversion is pretty easy.
Here’s what I have created to quickly convert power percentages for different watt tubes.

Speed Percentages are not really a level playing field, as almost all machines have different abilities.
Would be better if they showed MM/Sec, so you could at least compare.

I found an old LB post showing spreadsheet calculator for old Glowforge to New Glowforge Virtual settings, and used it to come up with the following chart. I’ll be the first to admit I know nothing of Glowforge MM/S max speeds, nor its 100% speed abilities.

And here’s the Speed conversions using the Excel Calc expanded into a table, but have no idea if this is accurate.

So if a material vendor says 100% speed (assuming GlowForge), what does that equate to??


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