Power drop with speed

When i drop speed mm/Sec my power also drop ?
This means i cannot cut at low speed and high power.
Example: 10 speed and 80% power only about 5-6 mA on Amperemeter
200 speed and 80% power about 15 mA
I must have changed some settings by mistake ?
Can you guide me ?

There are two settings for power: power at low speed and power at high speed. What are yours set to?

Edit: https://rdworks.fandom.com/wiki/Min/Max_Power_(cutting)

Where do i check that ?
My Potientiometer is set on 8 out of 10(Max)
When i run 80% Max power and 25% Min Power AND Speed mm/s 10, Amperemeter goes to 5-6 mA
When i run same job with same power settings BUT speed 100 Amperemeter goes to about 20 mA

These can be found in the settings of your layer.
See the following example I found on the forum and marked the relevant settings:


Note: values are arbitrary. Just wanted to show you where the settings are.

Picture of my setting

Looks like i cannot paste or drag a picture into the chat?

I doubble click the Layer line in the “CUTS” box on the right side…and new window open…Cut setting editor-Lightburn Beta 0.9.04
And there i have
Speed 100
Max power 80
Min Power 25
But if i change speed down, the power that comes out of the machine in mA also drop down

Hope it makes sense, what i am writing ?

Ohhh i see picture is showing, when i click Reply :wink:

When cutting, set the Min Power value to the same value as Max Power.

Thank you for your help

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