Power for line and fill not same since updated

Was using 8.06 i think and everything seemed to be doing fine. Updated to 9.07 (before expiration) and since then my files wont scan as they were or cut out using the same files i used for over a year. However when i use an image in my files they are the exact same as before.

Were there some changes that would effect this?

Should add China 60w Red Machine

if you look at the picture… 1. It didnt cut anything through. 2. The seahorse and salmon are way lighter than they use to be (especially the seahorse) 3. The Octopus which was an imagine is just like before. 4. also note the “gear” on the logo next to the seahorse its barely visible compared to the rest.

I know i am kinda throwing this out there, and its a bit vague but not sure how to explain it better.

License has expired but that shouldnt effect anything.

Thanks in advance for any help you can throw my way.

Can you email the file so I can have a look? Nothing has changed in the way power settings are handled, so this could be a coincidence. (send to Developer@lightburnsoftware.com and include a link to this thread)

Looking at this again, I think you have an alignment issue. These shapes:

Are using the same layer settings for all four instances, yet all four are different in the image you’ve provided. I think the version change just happened to coincide with something else.

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