Power is being funny

My xtool power has suddenly decreased I have changed no settings but now even though light burn says 100% power I barely even burns through paper what am I doing wrong

What speed setting are you using? Make sure the units are what you expect. People often switch to mm/s and input values meant for mm/min.

Make sure to double check your lens if you haven’t cleaned it in awhile. Smoke and other debris can get on the lens, even with a nozzle and air assist, and torch it.

A o I have messed with all different speeds and power and I also just clean the lens neither work

Can you provide the following:

  1. full screenshot of LightBurn with Cuts window showing?
  2. screenshot of Edit->Device Settings

I don’t see anything too unusual there. If you are still experiencing problems after having cleaned the lens then it’s likely you may have a hardware issue.

Check over cables and make sure they’re properly seated and don’t have damage.

If you have a volt meter check power supply voltage just to make sure it’s operating normally.

If none of those bear fruit then it’s likely your laser module is damaged or deteroriated.

While I don’t think it’ll help this situation, I will note that XTool’s supplied device config for Lightburn has DTR Signal turned on, and you have it off.