Power is not the same GRBL vs GRBL 1.1

There all

I will need your help I have a 20w chinese neje laser who Work well but
I try to cut plastic and i can t in GRBL 1.1 it’s like if the laser didn’t give the max power … even at 100%

And if i select GRBL it cut well but laser don’t stop between letter

So i am lost what can i do to cut without having laser mark between each draw

See picture same file 1 Time in GRBL 1.1 and 1 Time in GRBL
Same for the circle

Thanks for your help
Sorry for my english

Have a read of this and then let us know a bit more about your current firmware settings, and how you have set your Device profile / Settings in LightBurn. We can go from there: Common Grbl Setups - LightBurn Software Documentation

Ok i read it

M’y driver is 1.1F
I Check my settings and see 32=0 i turn it to 1 and now it s work well
Thanks a lot Rick !!

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There is a lot of information available already on the forum and in the other resources we provide. The search provided at the top of every page can help. :slight_smile: We also provide Documentation and some videos that can help as well. Hovering over most everything in LightBurn will pop a ‘Tool Tip’ and you can also hover and hit F1 for help.

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