Power issue - 3018 CNC + 15W Diode Laser

I have a 3018 CNC with an “upgraded” board by ChronosMaker (see picture).

It works OK with LaserGRBL, but I have been trialling Lightburn as it would suit my needs much better. It all started well with the first tests seeming to work OK except for the laser not switching off between cuts. It would switch off between fills but not cuts. I found what seemed to be the answer on here. My $32 was not set. Setting this does indeed stop this from happening, but it also makes the laser work at greatly reduced power for both fill and cut (see picture).

I have tried everything I can think of including flashing GRBL 1.1h. Nothing seems to make a difference. What does not help is the lack of instructions with the machine. They do not cover this board and even the build was very lacking.

Any pointers would be really appreciated.

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Hi, this table is with $32=0 or $32=1?

Sorry I should have explained it a bit more. The lines with a tick are with the $32 set to true (1) and the ones without are set to false (0). I tried different values for $30 (1000 and 255) as well to see if that had any impact hence the 2 sets of output. I also tried with the GRBL and GRBL M3 controller settings to see if these helped but still got the same results.

You’re asking it to go faster than the firmware is set to allow. Look at the settings for $110 and $112 - those are your maximum speeds for X & Y in mm/min. If you ask the system to go faster, it can’t so it lowers the laser power instead.

Thanks that sorted it. I’m embarrassed to say I got my minutes and seconds muddled up, and I’m supposed to be a watchmaker.

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