Power loss during cut test

I have a 50 watt blue and white converted to a true 60 watt tube and power supply and it has a Rudia RDC6442G Controller.

I am doing a cut test now that I switched over to Lightburn and I am having an issue. I setup a grid from 10% to 95% in increments of 5% and the speeds from 1 mm/s to 29 mm/s. The Max power is 100% and the Min is 9% in all of the colors and I adjusted the column power output via power scale for each one accordingly. I have the speed on the X axis and the power on the Y axis. And they are grouped by the power scale in columns. I will post a screenshot of the file setup.

Now it does the cutting from bottom up starting at 29 mm/s, once it gets to 16 mm/s it stops outputting in all of the power increments and starts a faint mark at 15mm/s @65%. At 1mm/s @30% it starts to show up again and then keeps getting darker the higher the power. So on 1mm/s @ 10% there is no output.

Also I did a similar test for engraving and all went well.

So I found a few threads already discussing this and I learned a few things. I have never engraved that slow with min max setup with different speeds.

This comment by Grumpy_Old_ManAnthony Bolgar educated me alot.

And thanks to RickRick James I watched Russ’s videos and I realized my mistakes. So I will have to go back and redo my test accounting for the min max issue.

I am going to leave this thread (not sure if I can delete it anyway) for anyone else who encounters this issue, maybe they can figure out the issue with this as help.


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