Power loss when diode laser moves

I am new to this forum and to lasering. I purchased a 2nd hand Diode laser (original purchaser said they had only run it for 2 hours and found it to complicated to use) and open carriage assembly (Chinese no name brand) a few weeks ago to have a play and see if I wanted to go further and get a bigger laser machine. I had flashed the firmware to GBRL 1.1f. It was all working fine for the first week and then 3/4 way through lasering a grid onto a waste board it stopped.
When I try to manually jog the laser head in any direction or run a cut or engraving program the Head tries to move (but doesn’t) and the fan on the lased dies and the laser power light on the head goes out and then a second latter the power comes back on but nothing moves or burns. If I disconnect the the wiring to any of the stepper motors the head will move fine but no burning from the laser. doesn’t matter which cord I remove.
Does anyone have any ideas or have seen this before?

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