Power not charging in next layer. I have to turn off the controller and start again on next layer. . The speed changes very low power

I have a Creailty 10 walt laser engraver/cutter. It used to change power and speed but not now. I replaced the controller with a new one and it still wouldn’t change power and speed on next layer. I then replaced the laser. Same problem. I can only think that there is a setting that was changed. Cam someone guide me to what the setting I have to change?

Not sure what you are saying here.

I have a project that requires a few layers. I have them set to output. The power and speed are different. I get everything ready and click on Start. The first layer works correctly. The second layer goes through the motions but the power setting goes way down like 20% where it doesn’t even mark the wood when it’s supposed to be 160 speed and 100% power. The speed is correct but the power is not 100%. It’s more like 20%.

Try enabling this in device settings.

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