Power on with LB and C3D - ISSUES

Hello, I am new to flat bed laser cutters as I typically run Galvo Lasers. So I replaced the original board with a C3D and when I start LB the laser does it’s start up process and then grinds to a halt making grinding noises.

I have changed the card settings to 310x224mm and speed 1200mm

I used Corel Laser before without these issues.

Can you help please?

Have you asked the nice folks over on the Cohesion3D Support Forum:

They have a lot of great information to help you get the hardware configured correctly. They also have write-ups on getting LightBurn set up with their equipment as well.

Thank you all sorted. I changed a few setting on the card and now that part is fine. Now I have another problem and that is, the laser is continuously on/firing - I have posted a help request on the C3D forum but no help so far!

Sure would be nice to have C3D support on this support line. Eliminates the back and forth. Just a thought to throw out there.

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