Power Outage Reset Lightburn

Had a power outage during a storm the other day. I’m on an older laptop with a worthless battery so I expected to lose the project I was working on. When power came back on not only was the project messed up, but Lightburn had reset. It was like a new install. Had to install my machine, setup the camera, ect.
I understand a power loss will do odd things. But has anyone heard of this or was it just a ghost in the code?
This isn’t a complaint, just an oddity.

Yup, an uncontrolled shutdown does horrible things to the disk filesystem, up to and including trashing the whole thing. In the least damaging case, you lose open files, which will include things like configurations, projects, and documents.

It’s why I have an absurd number of UPS units scattered around the house: I at least have a chance of controlling the shutdown when the lights go out.

FYI, if this ever happens again, LightBurn makes multiple backups of it’s configuration. You can simply do a File/Load Prefs Backup. This will give you a list of the configuration backups. You can select one from before the issue and load it and it will restore LightBurn to the previous configuration before your issues.

Itsy bitsy machinery company (IBM) has a term they use and fits many computer operations when thing occur that can be properly defined…

Results may be unpredictable

When you have a project open, Lightburn will write a backup file in the form of -backup.lbrn2

When it runs again it will query you that it has a backup file and offer to let you load it…

Good luck


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