Power Scale Issues

HI Guys

i have a ruida controller and im trying to use power scaling…seems that no matter what i set the shapes to they are being sent to the controller at full power (or the power set in the cutting details)

am i missing something simple??


What are you setting Min Power to? Power Scale selects between Min & Max power, so a Power Scale of 0 means you get Min Power, and a Power Scale of 100% gives you Max Power, with the caveat that if you are going at or below your ‘Start Speed’, it’ll just be Min Power.

i have a hard limit in the vendor settings of 70% so to experiment with how it worked i had max power set to 100 in lightburn and the min was initially 100% also…sent a job to the laser and the controller shows 70% (with the shapes set to 100 % power factor)

then changed the min power to 0 and the power factor to 10% sent the job again the controller shows 70%

The controller will show the layer power as whatever the max is. Run 5 squares at 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100 % power scale and you should see a difference.

so i wont expect to see the controller report a power difference?? ( i actually had the laser off and sent the job to the controller to see the difference)

When you engrave a grayscale image, does the controller show you the max power for the layer, or the power value for each pixel individually? :slight_smile:

ok so rather than changing the actual power level you are essentially running a PWM system to reduce the power ???

Under the hood it’s using the same commands as a grayscale image, so it only shows you the overall power setting for the layer.

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