Power Scale Problem

I am attempting to create an engraving test pattern for my Xtool D1. When previewing the pattern before starting the engraving all the shaped appeared completely dark with no progression in values. The tutorial I followed demonstrated adjusting the Power Scale for each column. I reviewed my settings on each column and verified that each were set correctly in the software. The Power Scale values were set between 20% to 100% over 8 columns with 100% power on the layer so there should have been a noticeable change in values.

I deleted the file and reset each layer to default before starting a new test pattern. Again the shapes appeared completely solid with no progression in value.

A previous discussion on this topic suggested the kerf setting might be a possible cause of the problem. I checked my kerf settings and all are set to zero.

I’m sure there is some setting I am missing. Would anyone have an idea what would be causing the Power Scale not to work correctly?


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