Power scaling issue

I may have changed a setting, I’m not able to get scaled power now. Everything the laser does, including the fire button set at .25%, fires at full power. I’ve reviewed all of the usual suspects - $S 30 = 1000 matches the s value max. Is there something else I can review to get back low power?

The $30 and S-Value are the only things that affect the power output on the LightBurn side, other than the percentage number. Did you change wiring or anything?

I did change the controller, but thought low power worked. I went from an eleksmaker to a sainsmart. Both I was using GRBL 1.1h

The laser might be wired to the wrong connection. Also, changing the controller is a little more than changing a setting - that would’ve been good to mention in the first post. :slight_smile:

I’m not 100% sure that the events coincide. I had changed the controller and burned quite a bit before I noticed that lower power wasn’t working. The sainsmart is marked “laser” and even has a switch for CNC or Laser.

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