Power seems to be restricted at slower speed settings

Chinese 80W C02 laser, Lightburn software, Rudia controller:

Okay, I’ve found that when my speed is less then 4.1mm/second the power to the laser tube seems to be restricted to about 10A. If I have the speed to 4.1mm/second or above power settings do in fact effect the amp meter. I’ve been messing with 1/4" acrylic and I need slow speed, relatively high power. Now that I’ve discovered what’s going on I’ve found a good setting at the slowest I can get (4.1mm/sec) and about 45% power which is nice, but what gives about the speed restricting the power?

Thank you if you can provide any insight.


At slow speeds the Ruida controller defaults to the minimum power setting. So in the cut settings window set the min power equal to the max power when going really slow and you will not have the issue anymore at slow (Usually under 10mm/s) speeds.

Gee Grumpy, thanks!

I can figure it out myself from experimenting, but I’ll ask you anyway; Match the min. power to the max. in the Lightburn program for the line color, or with the settings in the Rudia control panel?

Thanks again.

In LightBurn - just set Min and Max power to the same value when doing slow cutting. The numbers set on the control panel are only used when you use “default” settings from the vendor supplied software.

Yep. That did it (setting the min. in Lightburn).

Thanks gentlemen.

By the way, here’s what I’m tinkering with…