Power setting for X and Y axis (asymmetrical dot correction)

First yes I did search and found a closed thread. I know the with most diode lasers to dot is not round. So it can take different power, passes or speed in one direction than another. My question is there a way in LightBurn to set the power level, passes or speed based on the X or Y axis?

I think certain modes in grbl will allow a ‘min’ power setting. This is based on the lasers speed…

If your cut/layer min is not ‘greyed’ out, then it should work.

I don’t recall exactly, but it’s limited on grbl compared to other controllers.


Not that I’m aware of… there are some other image processing options for the rectangular dot and a couple of clever hacks if you’re cutting lines.

What are you working on? There are a few ways to get around this.
Tell us more.

I’m using a AtomStack S10 Pro 50w with air assist. I got a response from AtomStack, that said they are working a new diode laser that will have a square dot. But not sure how that will fix my current laser.

When a human as a slightly football shaped lens in their eye it’s called astigmatism. It makes a similarly shaped ‘wrong-dot’ in the eye. There are lenses to correct it but i’m not sure how you’d make one or order one.

I did a quick google and saw some nonsense with prisms that looked difficult.

Stumbled into this patent: https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/e0/e8/79/6d4ca0dfa4bc31/EP0204495A2.pdf

I’m going to have a look for a dead blue-ray player They use a diode and the diode has to have a nice small dot. Maybe they use a lens to correct the shape of the dot.

I’m going to move this into ‘unofficial’ so the community can work on this more freely.
I’d like a solution for this as I have two affected machines as well.

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