Power Supply and AMPS

The power supply I am using on my Atomstak S10 PRO is 12v 1amp, Atomstack calls for 12v 5amp could this be the problem with not wanting to cut?


An overloaded supply will either shut down completely or deliver a greatly reduced voltage with inadequate current, which would explain all the machine-related symptoms you’ve been having in all your other threads.

Not sure how the supply got changed out, I have ordered a new one from Amazon 12v 5a, the company also sells a 24/12v supply but the 24x scares me. I messed up I have 12v 3a
Is there a set height above the working surface that the bottom of the L module should be set at,

A 12V@5A and a 24V@2.5A are both 60W power supplies.

Although the same wattage, a 24V system draws 1/2 the current a 12V system does.

If your system will work on it, I’d go with the 24V system. I resoanbly doubt you can just plug 24V into it… but :man_shrugging:

The factory probably told you or supplied you with a tool to measure that… Usually a small piece of plastic to use as a spacer…

I always suggest doing a ramp test to check your specific device…

If you have issues sing out.

Good luck