Power Supply or Software (Lightburn) Issue?

I have a 50W blue/gray with Ruida controller and Lightburn. Everything worked great right out of the box but now I have developed an issue I can’t resolve myself.

When I send a cut or engrave to the laser the mA meter is registering only about 5mA regardless of percentage I set either in the controller or in Lightburn. Is this the start of a power supply issue or is there something else I am missing? Tube is purple and has less than 20 hours on it.

Pulse gives full power - i.e. 60% on the controller and I am getting 19mA.

When you say “regardless of the percentage” are you setting both Min Power and Max Power, or just Max Power? On Ruida, the Min Power value must be set above the firing threshold of the tube for everything to work. For your 50w that would probably be around 4% to 5%.

On the controller I have “min” set to 20%. Same in LB. Max is the only adjustment I am making.

Update - did a reset from the controller and now everythign is working correctly again. Do not understand what would have generated the need for the reset but at least in the future that will be my first step should the same problem occur.

Those are exactly the symptoms of a bad ammeter…

We had the exact same issue with a 100W CO2 laser engraver… and the ammeter was the one to blame. The symptoms were just as up said… and happened in random occasions… which made us replace all cables… replace PSU… enven the TUBE!! This creepy “thing” kept happening… so the controller was the next thing to do… but… in despair… we replaced the ammeter and… well… there you go… all came ok after that!

Big face palm for the three of us… me… my partner… and the manufacturer…