Power ttl control

can you add secound fan controller for ttl control.

For example, to define pin 6 as the second fan just add this line to Configuration.h :

#define FAN1_PIN 6 // 2nd fan output attached to laser TTL input

Like this?

only pwm active. i want to ttl and pwm out

what can you set exactly there?
(tool index)

dear lightburn oz.

can you add secound laser control commands for TTL ?

What commands would those be? I don’t know Marlin very well. The tool index above is to set the P index value on Marlin fan commands. To select the 2nd fan you should just set Tool Index 1 instead of 0. Is that not what you need?

dear friend .
example :
first fan —> PWM control M106 P0 S0…255
second fan —> TTL control ( Only on/off TH or TL) the laser is safe. M106 P1 S0/255
:wink: Good idea .

This is already supported by LightBurn by changing the tool index value that I highlighted in the first reply.

You would just have to set the Max Power value for your cuts to 100% to get the 0/255 output.

lightburn support TTL signal ?

LightBurn has nothing to do with what type of signal it is. You said that you needed the commands M106 P1 S0 and M106 P1 S255. If you set the Max Power value to 100% and the Tool Index to 1, that is exactly what LightBurn will output.

i want to first fan pwm control , second fan ttl control. lightburn only pwm control. not support TTl control. maybe add g code TTL control.

What gcode would give you TTL control?

You said that the commands you needed for TTL control were M106 P1 S0 and M106 P1 S255. I told you how to make LightBurn produce those exact commands. What else is required? Do you want to be able to control TWO fans from LightBurn at the same time?

Yes I want to help. Because the laser is dangerous. The laser works for a short time while the machine is turned on. TTL is safe though. please look picture.

Ahhh - I understand what you want now, but it’s going to be difficult for me to add that in a way that doesn’t break other users. A number of Marlin users have the PWM laser plugged in to their 2nd fan. If I enable that for everyone it will break those users. I could add it as a flag in the settings. I will consider it.

this important. independent pwm control, TTL control tip can be selected. please add.

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