Power VS Speed Reduce . Ruida Controler

Hello, I have a new co2 laser hk7050 Ruida Controler . If I want to cut wood at a power of 80% and a speed of 20 mm, I have 25 mA if I reduce the speed below 11 mm, the power drops to 5 mA. I can explain that to myself, hope one of you knows the problem. Thank you Thomas

There is a setting where if the speed goes below XX whatever is set, the power level is limited to XX. but not being on laptop connected to my laser I cannot show you exactly. Open LB EDIT - Machine Settings,

Thanks LaserArt i found the Settings:

This isn’t a LightBurn issue, but a Ruida one that’s quite common.

There’s a controller setting called “Start Speed” that defaults to 10mm/sec. At that speed, power starts ramping up from Min Power to Max Power. Cutting at or below that speed means you’re using Min Power only, so if you’re cutting slow, set both Min and Max power the same and you’ll have no issues

I think @Triplex is referring to the ‘jumpoff speed’, not start speed. I’ve made that mistake of confusing them myself…

The start speed is the initial movement speed. If you ask the machine to do 100mm/s, it starts at the ‘start speed’… I lower this for my rotary.

Created a visual from my experience with this…

I think mine was originally 20, it’s now 5. This allows you to control the range of where the power is applied. If you lower the maximum layer speed the power slope is much more steep…

This is only applicable to vector or areas where the head slows down and speeds up. If you have ‘tiny’ vectors, it my never reach the specified layer speed.

On an image, the overscan is computed by the Ruida and it will ensure it’s not engraving unless up to speed.


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