Powerscale for GRBL running on mac (file included)

I’m brand new to this and really dove into the deep end since Friday. I was pretty frustrated at first but that has subsided and I couldn’t be more excited.

I created my first power scale with a bit of research and a LOT of guessing trying to find a sweet spot using the materials that I have on hand. Powerscale_Plywood.lbrn (51.2 KB)

I think that I’ve done this correctly. I don’t have time to burn it this morning but if anyone wants to give it a try…

I looked at your scale. QUESTION… if power is set to 90% for all layers, then how does the 100-10% work? Seems to me that the whole layer will burn at 90%. I don’t see where the power goes from 100% to 10% anywhere. What kind of laser?

Each object has a power scale applied.

Select an object and look at the object properties - you will see the power scale.

So if the power for the layer is set to 90% and the object power scale is set to 10%, it will fire at 90*0.1 - 9%

“Select an object and look at the object properties…” where do i do this???

In the shape properties tab. Window> Shape Properties.

i see! cool. never really look there … learned something!!! thanks

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