Pre-ignition frequency. Brownout messed with all settings in the controller

Hey guys! I am almost a complete newbie, we recently got a laser from eBay that had a relatively fresh tube installed.

I guess there is an issue with it, so I was trying to figure that out, and it completely slipped my mind that I should back up settings of the controller straight away.

We were really unfortunate to have a sag (brownout) at our premises, and the controller has lost all its settings.

I stupidly did not save the parameters when I first started the machine. The laser is no-name, pretty much, but I know the controller and the tube. Ruida rdlc320-a + reci W4 100w.

I have some settings saved in screenshots that the seller has sent me, and I know the tube.

Like :

Parameter                        Value
    Laser Attenuation                0
    Machine Type                     Normal
    Feed Mode                        Single Direction
    Broken Delay                     0
    Transmission Mode                Belt + Step Motor
    Z Function                       Platform
    Enable Para                      
    Water Protect                    No
    If Protection On                 No
    If Blowing                       No
    Min Power                        2
    Laser Frequency (KHz)            60
    Laser Attenuation (%)            0
    Max Power                        98
    Laser Mode                       Glass Tube
    Laser Config                     One Tube
    Home Position                    0
    Accelerate of Emergency          1000
    Accelerate of Keying (mm)        1000
    Start Speed of Keying (mm)       5
    Breadth (mm)                     1200
    X Axis Settings
    Direction Polarity               Negative
    Limiter Polarity                 Negative
    Keying Direction                 Negative
    Control Mode                     Pulse+Dir
    Enable Limit Trigger             Yes
    Enable Home                      Yes
    Step Length (um)                 2.79
    Acceleration (mm/s)              1000
    Jump Off Speed (mm/s)            5
    Max Speed                        1000
    W4 Reci
    Ignition Voltage (KV)            24
    Recommended Current (mA)         26
    Target Power (W)                 100
    Max Power (W)                    130

However, I need help figuring out the pre-ignition frequency parameter for the machine.

If the laser frequency originally was at 60 KHz, is the 10-20 KHz the correct setting for the pre-ignition? Am I missing anything important that might blow me up on the spot if it is entered incorrectly?

I think pre-ignition values are for RF excited tubes… set to glass tube, it’s supposedly ignored.

Is it not working… ?

The frequency is 20kHz on mine.

Usually when you have a brownout it’s power supplies and such… The Ruida is pretty tough we had it happen and it came back up ready to re-start the job.