Pre-sets for different materials

Hi all creative laser guy’s
As a newbee with laser (Sculpfun S30 pro, 5W) I struggle with getting the correct amount of ”laps” for cutting through the 3mm standard birch plywood. Some times it seems to be enough with 5 passes 100%, other times it requires 8-10. Why? Another question is about the correct settings for creating a ”relief”. How and what is the right way to do this, plus what after-work is needed to ”peel” off the burnt stuff?
I also have a possible suggestion if it would be possible for the developers of the lightburn software to create standard settings to cut and work on different materials that suits different lasers (in my case the Sculpfun S30, 5W). I would love that help.
Happy lasers!

Plywood can really try your patience. Glue patches, different fillers, gaps, all burn at different rates. Sometimes you can just finish the cut on the backside with a sharp knife, or leave in place and repeat cut. I raise my wood about 4mm on blocks at the corners so I can see when it falls free.
For burnt backgrounds in reliefs, a fingernail brush and a quick rinse seems to remove all the loose material. Enjoy!

That’s a very common question for newbies :slight_smile: If you get deeper into the matter, you will understand why there are no such presets. Take a look at this page, there you will find many hints on how to deal with settings for your S30:

There are so many factors influencing the result (not even the next sheet of plywood of the same package will provide the same results), that you need to find your own settings and it’s not possible to use other peoples settings.

Dear Ernie,
Those are good tips! My surface for which I place the laser materials on are made of 20+ pieces of ”nail plates” (you know those things you attach wood beams to each other) stacked together to form a surface ”bed”. It is also magnetic so I use neurodynium magnets to hold and fixate materials (the ”plywood”) towards these sharp heads. I found that idea from somebody a while ago. It works really great but it doesn’t let bigger parts to ”fall down” inbetween. That is a good idea you have. But it still makes it possible to come in with your hands and fingers to feel maybe if the pieces are cut off. However I tend to be so eager to look that I forget to check its loose before disrupting the exact position. Regarding working with the reliefs. I really don’t understand what I shall ”produce” with this feature. Even more so the settings for this function depending on what to achieve.

Dear Melvin,
Thanks a lot for the link. I will look into that. I also realize that every machine works differently for the same material, but I think some ”general” settings would still be applicable. There are of course already some in the SW. but it could improved (I think…) There could just have been a sort of a matrix ”dummy” for different machines and materials. Maybe users here could add ”their” most functional and best setting for the corresponding material and machine type for the different wanted effects.
I will work on with it to fully comprehend it and eventually become a true ”laser guy” some day.

Check out the Louisiana Hobby Guy on YouTube. He has an excellent video on making a wooden coin in relief.

Great, thanks! I will.

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