Predator on white Tile

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Cool result!
Can you guide us through the steps you took to get there?

edit: nevermind :wink: saw the other post just now

Been watching all your threads with interest. Today I tried it out, with very disappointing results.

This is the photo i was trying to do

This is a test in maple with no sanding or anything.

And this is on the tile.

Notice that a lot of the ares that should be white, are black(ened) but not all of them.(notice the bumper and licence plate for instance)
I used tremclad flat white. Let dry over night. I have an 80w chinese laser run at 3 ipm at 50% power. I have not been able to get Jarvis or the Atkinson to work with any good results on any photo. This was done with grey scale on both the maple and the tile.

Any suggestions on how to make it work??
Thanx in advance.