Preparing log for engraving on alu tag


I’m going to test engraving a logo on an aluminum dogtag that is painted black.
The machine is an Ikier 24w.
Can someone show me in the right direction to get this done, preparing the logo and so on. Making it black and white.
Or is it to many details on the logo?

Thanks in advance


When engraving on anodized or painted aluminum you are removing the coating ad leaving the bare aluminum. There is no range of color, so It’s basically a black and white image.I don’t think this logo will work well.

I did not write it correctly I see now.
I don’t wan’t any color.

I am think of preparing the logo for black and white.
I know there is no range of color.
Incorrectly worded from me

I think to get good results you will have to play with the trace image function to get the lines you want. Here are a couple videos that will help you. The second one is a more advanced process, but may work better with this image.

Sorry to step in.
You could also try an online tracer
then optimize shapes.
b9765f7ccc3eb1841a18da5712054ae344812bba_1 (1)

trace.lbrn2 (1.8 MB)