Pressing HOME raises my Z-axis

Something I’d not noticed, (being honest had not set up) was the Home key.
Now I’m getting more familiar with the software and the laser itself I thought I should check it out and see that it was OK.
First of all:
The X-axis is working both ways with the keys
The Y-axis is working both ways with the keys BUT reversed
The Z-axis is working both ways with the keys.

My problem is that if I press the Home (or the house) buttons the Z-axis moves up by 2mm…
oh and the Y being reversed


The CNC3018s use a normal grbl controller for the ‘milling’ option or a spindle. There is really no difference except the Z makes for a 3d operation for milling. I use the Z axes to focus my laser.

Does you machine have limit switches so it can ‘home’?

If not, you can’t do it since it’s an illegal operation. Meaning it can’t home without switches. You can disable homing in the configuration.

When you chose to ‘home’ you invoke the machine to re-home and the first step is to raise the ‘spindle’ (or your laser) up to clear any objects on the table before moving the X and Y axes to their home positions.

You can change this by modifying the homing operation in the source and recompiling. You will then have to then re flash the firmware on the controller.

Most of these do not have homing switches… Does yours?


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