Pressing stop in the middle of a job throws up an alarm 3

Every time I cancel an active job via the stop button in Lightburn it triggers an Alarm 3 suggesting steps may have been lost and recommending to re-home My question is, is this a normal behavior or is there something wrong? I’m running GRBL 1.1h on a CAMTOOL CNC board.

‘Stop’ is treated as an emergency stop and doesn’t necessarily let the motors decelerate properly, which is why GRBL warns you about possible lost steps. Hit pause, and when it’s stopped moving then hit Stop and it shouldn’t give you that warning. Yes, it’s normal.

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Ah good to know, thanks! I do think I am having other problems though. I tried doing as you suggest, pausing first then pressing stop however, I started having sporadic behavior when pressing the pause/resume button. Sometimes it wouldn’t pause at all and other times it would pause and not resume. It’s strange because pause/resume seemed to work perfectly fine prior. When it did pause though, I tried pressing stop, it triggers an Error:1.

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