Preview don't work

Hi there, after upgrade i cant show preview, it only comes in the back ground but dosent show, even if i select it, am i doing something wrong.
And also, i can’t get the variable text to work

Now i have downgraded again to 0.9.03 and now i have the same problem there

Here is some documentation for the Variable Text feature worth reviewing if you haven’t already. You can also offer a bit more than “i can’t get the variable text to work” so we can focus our response.

As for the ‘Preview’ window, this could be caused by several different things. We need to have more information here too. Can you please post a screenshot of your entire LightBurn screen, with the ‘Cuts’ window showing along with one of the ‘Preview’ window as well. We can go from there. :slight_smile:

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poster 1

poster 2 (only shows a new window)

i cant open it

i will try to read the variable text document

If the preview position info got corrupted somehow, holding Shift when you click preview will fix that. It’s trying to restore the position of the window, but if it was off screen, or minimized when you closed it last, it might be restoring that way. I’ll check the restore code to see if that might be happening, but holding Shift when you click the Preview button will clear it.

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Works like a charm
Really great support you have, ill recomend to all :slight_smile:


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