Preview draws differently in my laptop

When I preview on my PC the image draws around the outside of the shape but when I move the image to my laptop it draws it in the individual pieces of the drawing and also this is how the laser cuts which isn’t so efficient. There must be a setting of some sort which is different I’m guessing? Both versions of LB are the same. Any ideas guys!

Your settings are probably not the same on both computer, use the “Setting Clone Tool” from the video, it just works great.

I agree but which setting. Thanks for the idea but I’m loath to try that because the laptop has settings which I’ve altered for the efficiency of the laser and I can’t remember what I’ve done whereas the PC is where I draw my pieces to cut and doesn’t need to have laser settings changed, if I copy the settings from the laser laptop to the pc then all my laser settings will be lost!

I can’t follow you on that. When I use “bundle copy” in LB, i.e. from my work (laser) PC to my construction computer, I get all relevant data and settings with me, the same of course also applies the other way.
Did you follow the description from the video?

Sorry I’ve just read back what I typed earlier. I said ‘if I copy the settings from the laser laptop to the pc then all my laser settings will be lost’ … what I should have said is if I copy the settings from the PC to the LASER laptop then all my laser settings will be lost. I’ve watched the video now as well but won’t it cause the problem I’ve just outlined?
Thanks for your help thus far.

I believe what said is you can “export” User Bundle from each computer as a backup.
First export your PC and laptop bundles to a safe known place then “import” your laptop Bundle into your design PC and you´re working with the same settings.

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You can also manually try to merge the settings from both machines to get a starting point.
The laser computer should be “master” because it is connected to the laser. If the machine settings from the master are copied to your construction computer, the positioning and placement of projects will be the same in the future. For all graphic content (the art library…for example) it is enough that it is on the “construction” computer. Except for all fonts used, they must be on both computers. I have mirrored my material libraries on both computers, it is the most practical for me. In projects (lbrn2), your layer information is saved automatically and is not lost when you copy/send the file to your laser computer. When you manually mix the machine settings, you must be aware that the process optimization settings are the same on both computers (these settings are automatically transferred with the new package solution).
Besides that, I have a project library on both my computers, which I keep up to date over the LAN or by simple import/export.


Ok, it’s done. I made a note of all the settings on the master (laser) laptop, copied my pc bundle to the laptop and spent a couple of minutes checking the settings for laser control. The object to cut now cuts as I want but I don’t know what setting is different!
Anyway it’s sorted now so thanks all for your assistant. I wasn’t aware of the bundle operation, cheers.