Preview not working

C3D Controller
k40 Digital BD
Lightburn 9.0.4

Preview not working for items that worked in 9.0.2. Blank screen is all that does display. Play doesn’t do anything. Engrave correctly though.

Not that this is the solution, but are you zoomed in too much in the preview window?

Screenshot (no cell phone pics please) showing entire LightBurn screen, another showing the ‘Cut Settings Editor’ window for each layer might help us see something. OS?

No I’m not, using no zoom. Open a file in 9.0.2 use preview and everything is there. Open same file in 9.0.4, use preview and it’s blank. Not all files do this though.

Looks like its working? What are you expecting preview to do that it isnt doing?

Edit: Oh i see, the first picture is in the latest update and nothing is displayed. Can you scroll to the end of the engraving with the little bar? of course its showing blank at the beginning of the engraving process…

I see from the 9.04 Preview you have posted the slider is positioned all the way to the left. Do you see anything if you slide it all the way to the right as you have in the picture of the 9.02 Preview? I also see that the ‘Total time estimate’ appears a bit odd.

@LightBurn might want to review this file but I will wait for his thoughts. You say this does not happen with all files, right? Is this what you mean when you say, “Not all files do this though.”? Can you identify anything that might be different in these files? I have not seen this before and looking for any clues to follow.

In 9.0.4 the slider will not move.

No not all files cause the missing preview. On occasion an error message would pop up saying that a shape was not closed and would be removed and I thought that might be the resson. It happens on files without that message. Again the same files do not cause this to happen in 9.0.2. I don’t have 9.0.3 to test that version.

Can you send the problem file to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com? It looks like something has confused the preview motion planner, and having the file would help me figure out why.

Done and on it’s way/

I haven’t seen it yet - if you’ve already sent it, double check the address?

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