Preview showing open lines, but design does not

So the designs in the lightburn workspace do not show any open or disconnected lines in the design. But when I preview the design it does show open lines and it engraves that way as well. I am engraving in line mode. Using lightburn 1.6 on 80w co2.


It will be represented in workspace but you’re likely not looking in the right place. Wouldn’t be able to tell without looking at the design but there are likely underlying issues in the design. Use Edit Nodes tool to get a view of how the nodes are laid out.

At a minimum, based on the boldeer lines in the workspace design it looks like you may have duplicates shapes. Check Edit->Delete duplicates to see if those are caught.

If you want more direct feedback then upload he original design for review.

So this is bizarre. The original file had a bunch of designs in it and I just wanted to try the fish. THis is the one that had open lines.
I copied the just the fish out of that file and pasted it in a new file. That one does not have open lines… idk what is going on…
First file
KidsCutoutsArtFull.lbrn2 (1.6 MB)

File with just the fish.
CopiedFish.lbrn2 (145.3 KB)

To me it looks like both files have the same underlying issues in the design.

It may not be apparent because you’ve changed the Mode of layer C00 to Line in the second file. If you change to Fill you’ll get the same behavior.

In the second file, you can see that you have open shapes if you go to Edit->Select Open Shapes. For each shape, resolve the open shape by either removing or editing the shape as appropriate.

You have 1 duplicate shape.
Ungroup 4 times
Select Break apart
select delete duplicates
Do to design you still have 6 open shapes like the fish eye.

There are. also several duplicate, or near duplicate shapes. I ungrouped it and tried delete duplicates, but it didn’t work. Maybe a tolerance setting, IDK? Anyway, see the screenshots.

If you look closely at the pic above you can see it’s a little darker where the dupes are. I moved the dupes and made green to highlight. There are still 2 open shapes, highlighted orange.

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Ah I see. Yeah this artwork is kinda crappy. I think I will go back to the person we bought it from and ask them to fix it.

It stinks when you purchase something and it doesn’t work as expected. Good luck with getting them to fix it, some seller’s are more responsive to such request than others.

It’s not difficult to fix yourself once you know what you’re looking for. I think it would be very beneficial for you to learn how to do it for yourself. It will save you a lot of grief in the future. I made a short video outlining the steps I used.

One thing I left out is you probably should regroup the image before you try to move it anywhere.


Thanks! Yeah I’m sure I will wind up doing it myself. :joy:

Here is a “cleaned up” version.
CopiedFish.lbrn (83.4 KB)


This is what i probably do with this kind of duplicate and open shapes. :+1:

Thank you! I appreciate it.

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